Paquete Brazo de micrófono en aluminio M! ka con indicador led al aire de dos colores + brazo monitor Yellowtech YT3411

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Como opción de paquete, los conjuntos m! Ka facilitan la combinación de múltiples elementos m! Ka. m! ka Set 2 cubre todas las partes de m! ka que necesita para integrar un solo monitor y un micrófono en su configuración.

Características Principales

  • Monitor Arm XS supports monitors weighing up to 15kg (33.06lbs).
  • Equipped with QuickFix Adapter (VESA 75/100) for easy and safe monitor fixation.
  • Adjustable friction joints.
  • Separately adjustable friction of the swivel head’s horizontal and vertical inclination.
  • Mic Arm M supports microphones weighing up to 2kg (4.5lbs).
  • Dual Color litt CleanVision® On Air Indicator (red/white).
  • Adjustable friction joints.
  • Wiring concealed by tubes and joints.
  • Open-end cable tails (without XLRs).
  • System Pole allows for individual arrangements of m!ka equipment in multiple positions.
  • 4 full-height grooves serve as mounting points to attach up to 4 m!ka elements at the same height of the pole.
  • m!ka Monitor Arms can be fixed directly inside the grooves.
  • One additional m!ka element can be mounted on top.
  • A litt Signaling Device perfectly fits on top of the pole.
  • Internal steal thread at the bottom for pole mounting.
  • To affix the pole to your desk use the System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit.
  • Sturdy tube construction.
  • Made of durable, silk-mat anodized aluminum.
  • Fully compatible with the whole m!ka Mounting System’s range.
  • Various alternative mounting options.
  • Renowned German craftsmanship.

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